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The Woody Meadow’s structure and character is defined by three layers: base, bump and emergent.
Review | Claire Martin | 13 Sep 2017

Rambunctious research: Planning the life cycle city

The Woody Meadow Project seeks to create urban plantings that are diverse and attractive yet require minimal maintenance.

Burnley Living Roofs by Hassell is a research and demonstration garden at the University of Melbourne’s Burnley Campus.

Fine-tuning the planting design cycle

Green wall and roof garden projects pose many challenges to good planting design outcomes, particularly synergizing design intent and management. How can the processes be improved?

The Phase Shifts Park, Taiwan, by Philippe Rahm architectes, Mosbach paysagistes and Ricky Liu and Associates.
Practice | Jillian Walliss and Jason Toh | 11 Nov 2016

Designing for climate change

Recent research suggests we must look beyond generalized urban cooling strategies to address heat in our cities.

Bridge Road in Richmond, Victoria was once popular as a fashion outlet-shopping destination. Recent changes to consumer habits have seen its vacancy rate spike.
Practice | Lucy Salt | 2 May 2016

A New High

Tract Consultants, Melbourne School of Design and the City of Yarra look at how to reinvent languishing main streets.

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