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Parramatta Civic Link.

Parramatta Civic Link. Image: Aspect Studios + SJB

Parramatta Civic Link by Aspect Studios and SJB.

Jury citation

Parramatta Civic Link has been awarded a commendation for aspects of design and for recognizing the importance of a future vision.

The design provides for the critical link between the train station and the river, including a range of important facilities along its path, while also being a blueprint for the corridor of development that will follow the transport infrastructure corridor to be developed over the next decade or more.

M odelling the design principles on the civic link will provide the basis for delivering improved public spaces, better connectivity for the community and a more dynamic environment for those who will work, live, study and spend leisure time in the CBD of Parramatta and along the broader corridor as it develops.

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Location: Parramatta (NSW)

Client: Parramatta City Council

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