Landscape Architecture Award for Small Projects

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Valley Lake Lookout by McGregor Coxall.

Valley Lake Lookout by McGregor Coxall. Image: courtesy McGregor Coxall

Valley Lake Lookout by McGregor Coxall

Jury citation:

This project invites the visitor to enjoy the sublime beauty of the quarry space by creating a simple, elegant viewing platform. The extended cantilever of the platform leans out over the human-made quarry, providing thrilling views both from and toward the platform. The well-considered detailing of the structure mirrors the site’s industrial past and allows the landscape to dominate the experience. The jury was impressedby the way the project celebrates suburbia through the simplicity of the platform and the drama and boldness of
its positioning.

Location: Keilor East (VIC)

Aboriginal Nation: Wurundjeri


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