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Maitland Levee.

Maitland Levee. Image: Simon Wood

Maitland Levee by McGregor Coxall.

Jury citation:

Maitland Levee is Maitland City Council’s regeneration masterplan, aimed at creating an attractive and vibrant heart for Maitland to regain its position as the major regional centre in the Lower Hunter Region of New South Wales.

In particular, the jury notes that the change of use of the Maitland Heritage Mall on High Street, from a pedestrian-only mall to a shared zone, demonstrates excellence in functionality, aesthetics and viability. While the project pays attention to the place’s historic context and heritage fabric, modern smart technologies have also been incorporated. The jury is particularly impressed with the impact the project is noted to have had on retail vacancy rates. It is hoped that the project will exceed the original requirements of the masterplan by becoming a catalyst for the transformation of the wider area.

Location: Maitland (NSW)

Client: Maitland City Council | Architecture: CHROFI | Engineer: Northrop | Heritage: City Plan Heritage | Quantity surveyor: MBM | Civil engineer: Morris Goding Access Consulting | Planning: JBA | WSUD: Alluvium

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