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The Laslett Buildings in central Kalgoorlie.
News | Editorial Desk AAU | 27 Nov 2019

Aspect Studios tapped to design Kalgoorlie city centre

Aspect Studios has been awarded the detailed design tender for the transformation of a mining town in Western Australia.

The NUA Conference will take place in Melbourne in October.
News | Patrick Hunn | 10 Apr 2017

New Urban Agenda Conference to champion sustainable development in Australia

The inaugural conference will be held in Melbourne and will look to implement the United Nations’ New Urban Agenda.

Aerial view of the Yarra River.
News | Editorial Desk AAU | 1 Mar 2017

Plan to curb “inappropriate” Yarra River development

The Victorian government has introduced new planning controls for a 42-kilometre stretch of the Yarra River corridor.

The City of Sydney.
News | Louisa Wright | 23 Nov 2016

Greater Sydney Commission unveils 40-year plan for Greater Sydney

The Greater Sydney Commission has released a draft amendment of its 40-year vision for Greater Sydney and the first 20-year draft District Plans for public comment.

The cover image for Planning for Coexistence? by Libby Porter and Janice Barry.
News | Louisa Wright | 10 Nov 2016

New book to connect urban planners and Indigenous communities

A new book titled Planning for Coexistence? aims to connect urban planners and Indigenous communities and help the two work together effectively.

Melbourne is currently experiencing a highrise apartment boom, but there is limited knowledge on the social and psychological outcomes for residents.
Practice | Leanne Hodyl | 2 Nov 2016

Is highrise living bad for you?

With highrise apartment tower approvals increasing exponentially in Australian cities, it’s important that designers and developers engage with post-occupancy research.

The Planning Institute of Australia has said planning can play a role in improving housing affordability.
News | Linda Cheng | 27 Oct 2016

Planning can improve housing affordability, PIA says

The Planning Institute of Australia has advocated for the role of planning in improving housing affordability across the nation.

Koo Wee Rup, 60 kilometres to the south east of Melbourne, produces over 90 percent of Australia’s asparagus.

To feed growing cities we need to stop urban sprawl eating up our food supply

Research shows that urban sprawl could be threatening highly productive agricultural areas on the fringes of big cities.

Queensland Maple and Brown Penda decking from the site were recycled into the new built structures.
Review | Peter Skinner | 3 May 2016

Cairns Foreshore Development

A landmark collaborative project led by the landscape architecture team at RPS.

Community group VISION 2020 collaborates with John Mongard Landscape Architects onsite through a process running that has been running over six years.
Practice | Suzanne Kyte | 3 May 2016

Bingara’s living classroom

John Mongard Landscape Architects and the NSW Bingara community strategize to future-proof the town.

Victoria Square, Adelaide: Key moves of the project.
Practice | Perry Lethlean and Kate Cullity | 3 May 2016

Taylor Cullity Lethlean: Victoria Square/Tarndanyangga

TCL interview about Adelaide’s Victoria Square project.

Melbourne's Southbank, which has been subject to rapid densification in recent years.
Practice | Jennifer Kent | 1 May 2016

High-density living isn’t always healthy

It’s become planning orthodoxy, but the advantages of high-density residential development are far from clear cut.

Coffs Harbour caravan park, 1967.
Practice | Peter Myers | 29 Apr 2016

Is this Roadtown?

Peter Myers wonders if Australia is on the cusp of realising a vehicular ‘utopia’ of endless urbanism.

View of the block housing from one of the artificial hills.
Practice | 28 Apr 2016

Sydney Olympic Park 2030 The city in a park

Initially hampered by its mono-functional program, the Sydney Olympic Park is only now beginning to resemble a durable urban precinct.

"Townville" - image drawn by Paul  Mees as a teenager.
Practice | Matthew Burke and Jago Dodson | 18 Jun 2015

The disruptive urbanist

Many see greater density as key to less car-dependant cities. Planning maverick Paul Mees showed this belief is a delusion.

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