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Tag: Smart cities

Practice | Catherine Flemming | 18 Sep 2017

Emerging digital technologies: What do they mean for settlement patterns and the role of planners?

New technologies have the potential to disrupt current land use patterns and create new opportunities in our cities and regions.

Practice | Guillermo Umana | 12 Jun 2017

Beyond technology: The evolution of Smart Cities

The concept of Smart Cities is becoming increasingly vague, to the point that it is defined differently by almost every author who writes about it.

Review | Ricky Ray Ricardo | 30 May 2017

Going around in circles: Seoullo 7017

MVRDV has converted a former overpass into a plant-covered walkway in Seoul, South Korea. Landscape Australia editor Ricky Ray Ricardo visited the project and penned this postcard.

News | Ricky Ray Ricardo | 26 Apr 2017

Green civic link planned for Parramatta

An ambitious ‘civic spine’ is planned for central Parramatta that will link the railway station to the Parramatta River.