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The Hazelwood mine will fill with water once it’s closed.

Turning Hazelwood’s empty coal mine into a lake could help heal mining towns

But what are the challenges associated with developing Hazelwood into a lake for recreational use?

Ballast Point Park by McGregor Coxall with CHROFI.
Places | 6 Mar 2017

Ballast Point Park

This 2.5 hectare post-industrial waterfront park by McGregor Coxall and CHROFI is located on a former lubricant production site on Birchgrove Peninsula in the inner reaches of Sydney Harbour.

The Hazelwood Open Cut Mine boundary plotted in yellow over an aerial image of central Melbourne at the same scale.
Practice | David Langmore | 9 Jan 2017

Latrobe Valley Open Cuts: Wastelands or treasured assets?

Equivalent in size to Sydney Harbour, the Latrobe Valley’s open-cut mines offer massive potential for future uses. But rehabilitation must be granted the critical public and governmental attention it deserves.

Central to the sixty-one hectares that Tonsley encompasses is the retained eight-hectare roof of the Mitsubishi Motors Main Assembly Building (MAB).
Review | Jo Russell-Clarke | 10 Oct 2016

Balancing Detail and Strategy: Tonsley

This mixed-use precinct at a converted car manufacturing plant in Adelaide demonstrates a commitment to distinctive design quality.

Frank Gehry’s Dr Chau Chak Wing Building at the UTS Business School borders The Goods Line to the south-west, attracting tourists to the area.
Review | Simon Kilbane | 12 Sep 2016

Walks of life: The Goods Line

Aspect Studios and CHROFI create an elevated, pedestrian-scale linear park in Sydney that maintains a constant level of public life.

Tubular steel spells out climbable words linked to flour milling: wheat, flour, blend and purify.
Review | Jo Russell-Clarke | 3 May 2016

Writing history: Harts Mill Surrounds

A playspace by Aspect Studios at a historic mill leads the revitalization of Port Adelaide’s post-industrial waterfront.

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