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Many regional towns on the east coast of Australia, including the NSW Northern Rivers town of Lismore, were flooded after Cyclone Debbie hit in early 2017, causing significant damage.
Practice | Rob Roggema | 20 Nov 2017

Design before disaster

As we face a future of more frequent and severe weather events due to climate change, we need to start redesigning our towns and regional cities to better cope with shock events.

Concrete breakwaters awaiting deployment at Hashikami, Japan.
Practice | Hayden Matthys | 17 Feb 2017

Post-tsunami Japan: A reflection on people, places and seawalls

The vast concrete seawalls and breakwaters being built by the Japanese government in response to the 2011 tsunami will have major implications for the social, economic and environmental sustainability of many traditional fishing villages.

Kampung Pulo in Jakarta is a 200-year-old informal settlement on the banks of the Ciliwung River.

Designing with uncertainty

With climate-related disasters predicted to increase over the next century, can landscape architects play a productive role in the delivery of aid to the world’s poor and displaced?

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