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RMIT University’s New Academic Street by Lyons with NMBW Architecture Studio, Harrison and White, MvS Architects and Maddison Architects, is cited as an exemplar of effective urban design in the Central Melbourne Design Guide.
News | Editorial Desk AAU | 20 Nov 2019

Major update to Melbourne’s urban design policy

City of Melbourne councillors have endorsed two documents aimed at improving design quality in private developments.

A reimagined Kibble Park, by GANSW in partnership with CHROFI, Tyrrellstudio and HillDPA.
News | Editorial Desk AAU | 17 Apr 2018

GANSW leads team in rethink of Gosford’s public spaces

The Government Architect NSW, in partnership with CHROFI, Tyrrellstudio and HillDPA, have drafted plans for the revitalization of the centre of Gosford.

Rouse Hill Town Centre.
Practice | Yi Ho | 29 Nov 2017

The birth of the ‘Plan-chitect’: A new type of hybrid built environment professional

In the age of disruption, traditional structures are being challenged, giving birth to a new type of hybrid built environment professional.

Kensington and Kingsford Planning Review – Randwick City Council and Conybeare Morrison.

Winners announced: 2017 NSW Planning Awards

The recipients of the awards were revealed at a ceremony in Sydney that coincided with World Town Planning Day.

Concepts for the Loch Ard Gorge region as put forward by the Shipwreck Coast Master Plan.
News | Patrick Hunn | 17 Oct 2017

McGregor Coxall’s Shipwreck Coast masterplan underway

Early works have commenced on the implementation of a masterplan by McGregor Coxall that aims to improve and conserve the Victoria’s Shipwreck Coast.

A visual from an augmented reality-based traffic assistance app.
Practice | Catherine Flemming | 18 Sep 2017

Emerging digital technologies: What do they mean for settlement patterns and the role of planners?

New technologies have the potential to disrupt current land use patterns and create new opportunities in our cities and regions.

The city of Sydney in New South Wales.
Practice | Mateusz Buczko | 26 Jul 2017

The rise of cities and city planning

A message from the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) on promoting proficiency and professionalism in planning.

An inscription over the Aboriginal flag on the back of a gym in Redfern, 22 June 2014.
Practice | Ed Wensing | 6 Jul 2017

Indigenous rights in land use planning strengthened in Queensland

An unprecedented law has been passed that requires the planning system to protect and promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge, culture and tradition.

Australian coastal zones are increasingly susceptible to climate change.

Resetting coastal planning in the era of climate change

Coastal planning in the twenty-first century must be ‘reset’ to respond to the intertwined challenges of sustained population growth, urbanisation and climate change. Are planners up to the task?

Bigger dwellings and smaller lots are diminishing the size of backyards in contemporary suburban developments.
Practice | Sarah McQuillen | 24 Apr 2017

What do the new garden area requirements mean for housing in Melbourne’s growth areas?

An analysis of the likely implications of garden area requirements for land in Melbourne’s growth areas.

Docklands Library, Melbourne.
Practice | Yi Ho | 6 Apr 2017

Is it possible to use social infrastructure to catalyse economic growth?

Community centres enrich lives and help develop harmonious societies within our cities, yet they attract little investment. Are there other ways we can help these facilities?

Street scene from Suva, Fiji, 2012.
Practice | Anushma Sharma | 22 Mar 2017

Postcard from Fiji: Planning in a Pacific Island country

How much do we really know about planning in the Pacific Islands?

The Sydney Harbour Bridge has just celebrated its 85th birthday.
Practice | Adrian Dwyer | 20 Mar 2017

Fairness and efficiency in infrastructure funding

Adrian Dwyer, executive director of policy and research at Infrastructure Australia, discusses value capture and how it can help to stretch public funding further to deliver more of the infrastructure Australia needs.

Brisbane's Story Bridge by night.
Practice | Callan Langlands | 15 Mar 2017

The dark night rises: Brisbane’s Night Time Economy

Fortitude Valley is home to Brisbane’s Night Time Economy (NTE), but is it a good idea to concentrate most of the city’s nightlife in one designated locality?

A 1960s block of flats in Marrickville, Sydney.

Renewing the Compact City: Scenarios for fair and sustainable redevelopment of strata schemes

As appropriate sites for brownfield development begin to dry up, attention is turning toward the replacement or renewal of older apartment blocks.

Mihaus Studio by Sue Harper Architects.
Practice | Matt Kelly | 2 Feb 2017

Retrofitting the suburbs: Could secondary dwellings help the housing affordability crisis?

Could retrofitting the suburbs with secondary dwellings, or “granny flats,” offer a viable method for combating Australia’s housing affordability crisis?

A visualization of the WestConnex M5 project at St Peters, Sydney, which will see the destruction of 500 trees at the southern end of Sydney Park.
Practice | Andrew Jackson | 25 Jan 2017

Reflections on Paul Mees OAM

In response to recent destruction of heritage homes and parkland for Sydney’s WestConnex road project, we remember the life and work of planning academic Paul Andrew Mees (1961–2013).

A concept image of the Waterloo Estate redevelopment.
Practice | Laura Wynne | 23 Jan 2017

Let’s be frank about diversity and renewal

Renewing public housing estates to achieve a balanced ‘social mix’ has come to be seen by governments, planners and state development corporations as a remedy for underfunded public housing estates. But is estate renewal really the panacea it’s so often claimed to be?

The Gen Y Demonstration Housing Project in Perth, designed by David Barr Architect, is intended to give would-be Gen Y home buyers a step onto the property ladder. Appearing as a single dwelling, it is in fact made up of three one-bedroom apartments with access to a communal garden area.
Practice | Catherine Gilbert | 13 Jan 2017

Generation Rent: Is it a problem, and what can planners do about it?

Young people today are renting for longer before buying a home, and there is growing concern that many may never be able to.

The Hazelwood Open Cut Mine boundary plotted in yellow over an aerial image of central Melbourne at the same scale.
Practice | David Langmore | 9 Jan 2017

Latrobe Valley Open Cuts: Wastelands or treasured assets?

Equivalent in size to Sydney Harbour, the Latrobe Valley’s open-cut mines offer massive potential for future uses. But rehabilitation must be granted the critical public and governmental attention it deserves.

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