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Rouse Hill Town Centre.
Practice | Yi Ho | 29 Nov 2017

The birth of the ‘Plan-chitect’: A new type of hybrid built environment professional

In the age of disruption, traditional structures are being challenged, giving birth to a new type of hybrid built environment professional.

Central Sydney from Ultimo.
Practice | Ben Hewett | 22 Nov 2017

Better placed through integrated design

Deputy New South Wales Government Architect Ben Hewett introduces the scope and objectives of Better Placed – the state’s first integrated design policy for the built environment.

Are Smart Cities just about technology?
Practice | Guillermo Umana | 12 Jun 2017

Beyond technology: The evolution of Smart Cities

The concept of Smart Cities is becoming increasingly vague, to the point that it is defined differently by almost every author who writes about it.

Docklands Library, Melbourne.
Practice | Yi Ho | 6 Apr 2017

Is it possible to use social infrastructure to catalyse economic growth?

Community centres enrich lives and help develop harmonious societies within our cities, yet they attract little investment. Are there other ways we can help these facilities?

The Sydney Harbour Bridge has just celebrated its 85th birthday.
Practice | Adrian Dwyer | 20 Mar 2017

Fairness and efficiency in infrastructure funding

Adrian Dwyer, executive director of policy and research at Infrastructure Australia, discusses value capture and how it can help to stretch public funding further to deliver more of the infrastructure Australia needs.

Mihaus Studio by Sue Harper Architects.
Practice | Matt Kelly | 2 Feb 2017

Retrofitting the suburbs: Could secondary dwellings help the housing affordability crisis?

Could retrofitting the suburbs with secondary dwellings, or “granny flats,” offer a viable method for combating Australia’s housing affordability crisis?

A visualization of the WestConnex M5 project at St Peters, Sydney, which will see the destruction of 500 trees at the southern end of Sydney Park.
Practice | Andrew Jackson | 25 Jan 2017

Reflections on Paul Mees OAM

In response to recent destruction of heritage homes and parkland for Sydney’s WestConnex road project, we remember the life and work of planning academic Paul Andrew Mees (1961–2013).

The Gen Y Demonstration Housing Project in Perth, designed by David Barr Architect, is intended to give would-be Gen Y home buyers a step onto the property ladder. Appearing as a single dwelling, it is in fact made up of three one-bedroom apartments with access to a communal garden area.
Practice | Catherine Gilbert | 13 Jan 2017

Generation Rent: Is it a problem, and what can planners do about it?

Young people today are renting for longer before buying a home, and there is growing concern that many may never be able to.

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