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Afghan Bazaar Cultural Precinct by Hassell/Sinatra Murphy.
Places | 10 Jan 2017

Afghan Bazaar Cultural Precinct

An emblematic urban streetscape that is integrated and responsive to the local and broader Afghan community.

Abdisalam and his wife Rauha with their six children in a forest camp near the BP service station refugee camp of Evzoni, Greece. They left their home in Deir ez-Zor, Syria, in September 2012, and after spending years in Lebanon and Turkey they arrived in Greece two months before this photo was taken.
Practice | Rocco Rorandelli | 6 Jan 2017

Postcards from Greece

This photographic essay by Rocco Rorandelli of TerraProject Photographers explores Greece’s refugee camps, including the people who live there and the possessions they carry with them from their homelands.

In their movements, refugee communities are organizing spaces to meet their housing needs.

E-Scape: Landscape and refugee influx

Can landscape design play a role in managing the new processes, patterns and rhythms brought about by refugee influx?

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