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Charles Massy's farm is on the Monaro plateau to the east of Mount Kosciuszko.
Review | Jock Gilbert | 19 Jan 2018

Call of the Reed Warbler: A manifesto for regeneration

Agricultural scientist and farmer Charles Massy has published a book that calls for a deeper understanding of human effects upon the landscape and for practice that is by its nature regenerative.

Each year grazier David Marsh harvests kangaroo grass seed (Themeda tiandra) from roadsides and sprinkles it around his paddocks.
Practice | David Marsh | 9 Nov 2017

An ecological approach to grazing

Grazier David Marsh has farmed his 814-hectare property on the South West Slopes of New South Wales for decades. He shares his experience of moving from an industrial farming mindset to taking a more ecological approach based on many years of refinement.