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Landscape Architecture Australia, August 2017

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Archive | Ricky Ray Ricardo | 2 Aug 2017

August issue of LAA out now

A preview of the August 2017 issue of Landscape Architecture Australia.


Practice | David Marsh | 9 Nov 2017

An ecological approach to grazing

Grazier David Marsh has farmed his 814-hectare property on the South West Slopes of New South Wales for decades. He shares his experience of moving from an industrial farming mindset to taking a more ecological approach based on many years of refinement.

Practice | Rob Roggema | 20 Nov 2017

Design before disaster

As we face a future of more frequent and severe weather events due to climate change, we need to start redesigning our towns and regional cities to better cope with shock events.

Practice | Mark Perkins | 11 Dec 2017

Post-environmental landscapes: Balancing beauty with ecology

In the Far North Coast of New South Wales, contested ideas of pre- and post-European settlement landscapes, managed by hierarchies of scenic beauty and ecological value, have created tensions in the community.

Practice | Wai Kin Tsui | 5 Dec 2017

Let’s talk about complexity

We need to renew the language of ecological design to better confront the complexity and uncertainty of today’s challenges.


Review | Danielle Jewson | 17 Nov 2017

Ebb and flow: Koondrook Wharf

Community engagement, Aboriginal artwork, locally sourced timber and a piece of history have been brought together to create this new wharf in northern Victoria.

Field Trip

Review | Naomi Stead | 1 Dec 2017

City Limits: The vernacular of welcome signs in regional Australia

Anyone who has travelled through regional Australia would understand the importance many towns place on their welcome signs – not just to communicate useful information, but also to establish and project an identity of place.