Landscape Architecture Australia, August 2017

Landscape Architecture Australia, August 2017

Landscape Architecture Australia

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The August 2017 issue of Landscape Architecture Australia – Forgotten Lands: Complexity and Change in Regional Australia.
Archive | Ricky Ray Ricardo | 2 Aug 2017

August issue of LAA out now

A preview of the August 2017 issue of Landscape Architecture Australia.


Each year grazier David Marsh harvests kangaroo grass seed (Themeda tiandra) from roadsides and sprinkles it around his paddocks.
Practice | David Marsh | 9 Nov 2017

An ecological approach to grazing

Grazier David Marsh has farmed his 814-hectare property on the South West Slopes of New South Wales for decades. He shares his experience of moving from an industrial farming mindset to taking a more ecological approach based on many years of refinement.

Many regional towns on the east coast of Australia, including the NSW Northern Rivers town of Lismore, were flooded after Cyclone Debbie hit in early 2017, causing significant damage.
Practice | Rob Roggema | 20 Nov 2017

Design before disaster

As we face a future of more frequent and severe weather events due to climate change, we need to start redesigning our towns and regional cities to better cope with shock events.

Aborigines Using Fire to Hunt Kangaroos, Joseph Lycett, approximately 1775–1828.
Practice | Mark Perkins | 11 Dec 2017

Post-environmental landscapes: Balancing beauty with ecology

In the Far North Coast of New South Wales, contested ideas of pre- and post-European settlement landscapes, managed by hierarchies of scenic beauty and ecological value, have created tensions in the community.

In many parts of Australia the clearing of deep-rooted native forests to farm shallow-rooted pastures or crops has led to rising groundwaters, salinity and less resilience to drought and flood.
Practice | Wai Kin Tsui | 5 Dec 2017

Let’s talk about complexity

We need to renew the language of ecological design to better confront the complexity and uncertainty of today’s challenges.


Robust local timbers will silver over time to reflect the hues of the surrounding eucalypts.
Review | Danielle Jewson | 17 Nov 2017

Ebb and flow: Koondrook Wharf

Community engagement, Aboriginal artwork, locally sourced timber and a piece of history have been brought together to create this new wharf in northern Victoria.

Field Trip

This photograph at Deepwater in the Northern Tablelands shows a sign that lures tired motorists with the promise of a rest area ahead.
Review | Naomi Stead | 1 Dec 2017

City Limits: The vernacular of welcome signs in regional Australia

Anyone who has travelled through regional Australia would understand the importance many towns place on their welcome signs – not just to communicate useful information, but also to establish and project an identity of place.