Landscape Architecture Australia, August 2015

Landscape Architecture Australia, August 2015

Landscape Architecture Australia

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The Tudela-Culip Restoration Project in Cap de Creus, Spain, by Estudi Martí Franch and Ardèvol involved a careful process of editing and restoring a coastal landscape previously occupied by a sprawling holiday resort.
Practice | Martin Bryant and Penny Allan | 2 May 2016


A Māori word whose meaning is difficult to translate has the potential to lead us to a new way of thinking.

Cooling a tropical city
Practice | Lawrence Nield and Tony Cox | 4 May 2016

Cooling a tropical city

A draft plan for Australia’s hottest capital city, Darwin, proposes a suite of measures to combat urban heat island effects in its central business district.

Newcastle’s King Edward Park is one of the city’s great public spaces.
Practice | Owen Kelly and Sam Trembath | 3 May 2016

Newcastle: She’ll be right

Is Newcastle’s laid-back attitude to urban projects denying its potential?

The Conargo Junction Store.
Practice | Liesl Malan and Sally Wright | 3 May 2016

A Dangerous Profession

Many regional and rural towns across Australia are experiencing slow but steady decline, but death is not inevitable.

The winner of the Power Street Loop ideas competition was Habitat Filter by Drysdale, Myers and Dow.
Practice | Tim O'Loan | 2 May 2016

Competitive Territory

The Power Street Loop design competition raises some pertinent questions about who has the say on our urban places.

In their movements, refugee communities are organizing spaces to meet their housing needs.

E-Scape: Landscape and refugee influx

Can landscape design play a role in managing the new processes, patterns and rhythms brought about by refugee influx?