Landscape Architecture Australia, August 2014

Landscape Architecture Australia, August 2014

Landscape Architecture Australia

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Aerial view over the entire Australian Garden near Cranbourne in Victoria.
Review | Kate Gamble | 3 May 2016

The Australian Garden

A spectacular garden by Taylor Cullity Lethlean and Paul Thompson explores the Australian identity.

Landscape Architect Perry Lethlean of Taylor Cullity Lethlean.
Practice | Catherin Bull | 2 May 2016

Perry Lethlean: Stories of place

Perry Lethlean of Taylor Cullity Lethlean talks to Catherin Bull about narrative, place and the New Civic in contemporary public gardens.

The water stair as photographed in 2005.
Review | Sueanne Ware | 3 May 2016

Strangely familiar: Mount Penang Gardens

The Mount Penang Gardens are considered an enduring and radical contribution to public garden design in Australia.

Anton James: Disrupting cohesion
Practice | 1 May 2016

Anton James: Disrupting cohesion

Anton James of JMD Design is an accomplished and highly regarded landscape architect and artist with more than twenty years experience in the profession.

Entrance artwork by Jon Tarry, based on an insect chrysalis.
Review | Julian Bolleter | 3 May 2016

Child’s play: Rio Tinto Naturescape

Plan E has delivered a play area in Perth’s Kings Park with the specific aim of reconnecting children with nature.

Andrew Laidlaw: People and plants
Practice | 8 Apr 2016

Interview: Andrew Laidlaw

Andrew Laidlaw is a significant figure and has worked on numerous public gardens throughout Victoria and internationally.