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Landscape Architecture Australia, November 2011

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Practice | Claire Martin | 25 Apr 2016

The creation of place

Placemaking is not simply about reconnecting people with place, it’s about reconnecting people with each other.

Review | Sarah Gaventa | 28 Apr 2016


Gamble McKinnon Green’s SW1 is a new community model for inner-urban living in Brisbane.

Review | Dimity Reed | 28 Apr 2016

Zoetrope Bridge and terrain generator

A bridge and a fabricated concrete creek edge by studio SMLWRLD reveal the benefits of collaborative work.

Review | John Mongard | 28 Apr 2016

Robelle Domain

Vee Design’s twenty-hectare parkland in Springfield, Queensland acts as a community hub and a child-friendly playground.

Review | Julian Bull | 28 Apr 2016

Debneys Park and Preston Library

There is much for children and young people to enjoy in Site Office’s collaborative reimagining of these two public spaces.

Review | Cassie Hansen | 8 Apr 2016

Avant Gardeners

Avant Gardeners looks at fifty exciting and innovative landscape architects and garden designers from around the world.

Review | Paul Verity | 28 Apr 2016

Ellenbrook Estate – revisited

With a number of landscape architecture firms behind its design, Western Australia’s Ellenbrook Estate is worth reflecting on.