Landscape Architecture Australia, May 2011

Landscape Architecture Australia, May 2011

Landscape Architecture Australia

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The view to the gallery from the rear of the skyspace sculpture.
Review | Christopher Vernon and Ken Maher | 28 Apr 2016

NGA Australian Garden

McGregor Coxall’s Australian Garden at the National Gallery of Australia is a complex and controversial project.

The Trainshed Way shared space starts at the entrance of Geelong Railway Station, a heritage-listed 1880s building.
Review | Adrian Marshall | 28 Apr 2016

Trainshed Way

Hassell’s Trainshed Way shared space provokes questions about the design of such environments.


Intersection of Horton and Clarence Streets in Port Macquarie’s CBD.
Practice | Julian Bull | 8 Apr 2016

Share the road

Julian Bull discusses shared spaces, where city revitalization is merged with landscape design.


At the street fountain, holes spout water from concealed pipes.
Review | Tobias Horrocks | 28 Apr 2016

Hargreaves Mall

Rush\Wright Associates hopes this pedestrian boulevard revitalizes the social and economic capacity of Bendigo.


Popular coffee shop Brunetti sits on the Flinders Lane edge of the City Square.
Review | Dimity Reed | 28 Apr 2016

Melbourne’s City Square

The City Square is finding its place after years of additions and alterations and not living up to expectations.

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The Amphawa settlement in south-west Bangkok.
Review | 8 Apr 2016

Asia-Pacific landscape architects meet

This year’s IFLA Asia-Pacific Congress highlighted richness, diversity and boldness of landscape cultures.

Catherin Bull.
Practice | Catherin Bull | 8 Apr 2016

From land to landscape, space to place

An excerpt from Professor Catherin Bull’s keynote address at the IFLA APR Congress on Hospitality: Interact with Land.