Landscape Architecture Australia, February 2011

Landscape Architecture Australia, February 2011

Landscape Architecture Australia

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1. Australia’s Eighty-five IBRA Bioregions and 405 Subregions superimposed with current protected areas in green.
Practice | Simon Kilbane | 25 Apr 2016

Green infrastructure

A green infrastructure plan for Australia could ensure that changes in land use and climate are more easily managed.

Franklin Wharf by Oculus.
News | 8 Apr 2016

2010 AILA Victoria awards

The 2010 AILA Victoria Awards were announced on 5 November 2010.

Red wayfinding signage guides visitors along the trail.
Review | John Ancher | 28 Apr 2016

Battery Point Sculpture Trail

A series of sculptures along Tasmania’s Battery Point waterfront explores the treasured and varied past of the area.

The generous shade structure opens out onto the lake swimming pool.
Review | John W. Roberts | 28 Apr 2016

Regatta Walk Foreshore

This lakeside project provides a quiet place to enjoy the water, without overindulging in architectural statements.

The central hill, planted with succulents, has a wisteria-covered structure as the central focus.
Review | Sigrid Ehrmann | 28 Apr 2016

131 Queen Street rooftop

A rooftop garden by Bent Architecture provides a welcoming retreat from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne city life below.

Shelters overlooking wetlands provide welcome surroundings for the workers of the industrial estate.
Review | John Mongard | 28 Apr 2016

Sunshine Coast Industrial Park

This corporate industrial park by Gamble McKinnon Green shows industry being woven into a backdrop of vegetation and wetlands.

The Royal Randwick Racecourse facilities in their inner-city setting.
Review | Tempe MacGowan | 28 Apr 2016

Royal Randwick Racecourse

Tempe MacGowan reviews BVN’s masterplan in early 2011. Since then Fitzpatrick + Partners has undertaken a new masterplan.

Reflecting a commitment to conservation, Homebush Bay’s waterways were restored during the project.
Review | Mark Tyrrell | 28 Apr 2016

Millennium Parklands

Fifteen years ago it was one of Sydney’s most contaminated and degraded sites but today it is used and loved by the community.