National planning awards celebrate exemplary places

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The Goods Line by Aspect Studios, Property NSW, CHROFI, Gartner Rose.

The Goods Line by Aspect Studios, Property NSW, CHROFI, Gartner Rose. Image: Florian Groehn

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Monash University Northern Plaza by TCL and MGS Architects.

Monash University Northern Plaza by TCL and MGS Architects. Image: Rhiannon Slatter

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The 2017 National Awards for Planning Excellence, presented by the Planning Institute of Australia at a ceremony in Sydney on 3 May 2017, awarded people and projects from around Australia for outstanding achievements in planning.

Two of the award categories celebrate exemplary places. The From Plan to Place Award recognizes the implementation of a plan into a successful place, while the Great Place Award recognizes a great place, street or neighbourhood in Australia.

From Plan to Place

Award: Monash University Clayton Campus (Vic)
Project team: MGS Architects Masterplanner with Monash University and the Monash Design Consortia

Jury comment: The adoption of the Monash University Clayton Campus Masterplan in 2011 has led to the successful transformation of a dated, mid-twentieth century campus into a contemporary learning, teaching and living environment.

MGS Architects and Monash University’s vision and purposeful implementation of the Masterplan has shown demonstrable cumulative benefit from improved use of buildings, enhancement of the spaces between them, and a cohesive, yet diverse, overall urban form.

Critically, the Masterplan has successfully addressed the poor wayfinding issues to create a legible network of pedestrian streets and public squares that has effectively stitched the campus together.

The establishment of a strong and more urbanised set of east-west and north-south links and walks have been reinforced by the placement of major new buildings and alterations to older structures.

The Masterplan recognized that both the physical and strategic planning of the campus is integral to the University’s central role in the wider Monash Research, Education and Employment Cluster.

The delivery of the Masterplan together with design excellence, demonstrates how large institutional and commercial campuses or sites can be successfully reinterpreted and reorganised to create stronger and more user friendly, interesting and productive places.

Read more about one of the realized projects, the Northern Plaza, here.

Commendation: The Goods Line (NSW)
Project team: ASPECT Studios, Property NSW, CHROFI, Gartner Rose

Great Place

Award: The Goods Line (NSW)
Project Team: ASPECT Studios, Property NSW, CHROFI, Gartner Rose

Jury comment: A planner knows place to be somewhere or something thought to be special by people. In creating a linear park representing Sydney’s linear history, this transformed former transport corridor has developed special characteristics.

The Goods Line illustrates the potential for urban design to transform isolated city spaces into creative and connected public destinations which enhance public life. Forming a strategic link from Central Station to Chinatown and Darling Harbour, this elevated park has transformed a redundant and isolated industrial corridor into a vibrant, physically and socially connected public space in Sydney’s most densely populated area.

The Goods Line has created a people-focused address to numerous cultural, educational and media institutions. These include UTS’ Dr Chau Chak Wing Building, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Sydney TAFE, all of which border the park. Loaded with civic ambition and public purpose, The Goods Line is a place, which speaks to a new kind of social infrastructure where multiple opportunities for gathering, playing, and exchange of ideas can occur.

Read a review of the project by Simon Kilbane here.

Commendation: Mary Street Plaza (WA)
Project team: City of Vincent, Place Laboratory, and Le Grove Landscaping

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