National planning awards celebrate best practice in planning processes

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The Wind Energy Framework.

The Wind Energy Framework. Image: courtesy of PIA

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The Parramatta Road Corridor Urban Transformation Strategy.

The Parramatta Road Corridor Urban Transformation Strategy. Image: courtesy of PIA

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The Embedding young people in Council’s Planning and Engagement Processes project.

The Embedding young people in Council’s Planning and Engagement Processes project. Image: courtesy of PIA

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The 2018 National Awards for Planning Excellence, presented by the Planning Institute of Australia at a ceremony in Perth on 9 May 2018, awarded people and projects from around Australia for outstanding achievements in planning.

Three of the award categories celebrate best practice in planning processes. The Hard Won Victory Award recognizes a planning initiative, effort or leadership that has resulting in positive planning outcomes in the face of difficult or trying circumstances. The Improving Planning Processes and Practices Award recognizes the achievements of planners, planning authorities and development entities in translating good planning policy into improved processes and practices in the workplace and ‘on the ground’. And the Public Engagement & Community Planning Award recognizes initiatives in best practice public engagement that achieves an outstanding and innovative contribution to social planning practice and outcomes.

Improving Planning Processes and Practices

Award: Wind Energy Framework (NSW)
Project team: Felicity Greenway, Meagan Kanaley, Kristy Chan and Rohan Tayler

Jury comment: The judging panel commented that the project presented a long-needed planning framework which would improve planning processes and practices nationwide.

Commendation: Making hay while the sun shines - DA in Western Downs (QLD)
Project team: Western Downs Regional Council

The Hard Won Victory

Award: Parramatta Road Corridor Urban Transformation Strategy (NSW)
Project team: UrbanGrowth NSW in conjunction with Cox Richardson, Conybeare Morrison, Oculus, AECOM, Elton Consulting, GHD, HillPDA, Jacobs, Kinesis and SJB

Jury comment: The judging panel commended the project for its encompassing approach and its innovative stakeholder engagement model that is now being replicated across government in NSW.

Commendation: Hillwood Structure Plan (TAS)
Project team: George Town Council, 6ty Pty Ltd

Public Engagement & Community Planning

Award: Embedding young people in Council’s Planning and Engagement Processes (NSW)
Project team: Cred Consulting and City of Parramatta Council

Jury comment: The judges believe the project sets a new benchmark for involving local youth in planning consultation processes.

Commendation: Dickson Traders Placemaking Partnership (ACT)
Project team: ACT Environment, Planning & Sustainable Development Directorate

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