Helen Smith-Yeo (Singapore)

Keynote speaker – Landscape Australia Conference 2019

Helen Smith-Yeo founded STX Landscape Architects as Sitetectonix Pte Ltd in 1995. As a principal of the company, she provides direction in design, management and planning for both public and private sector projects, with a hands-on approach. With a love for history, culture and art, the fusion of Western perspectives with her own Asian origins has fuelled her passion for transformative creativity as well as timeless designs. Helen holds a BA (Architecture Studies) from the National University of Singapore and an MLA with Distinction from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. In 2019 she graduated from the CESP programme at the École Nationale Supérieure du Paysage at Versailles.

STX Landscape Architects is a Singapore-based firm of landscape architects and urban designers. Operating for over twenty years in the design industry, STX has a diverse portfolio of small and large-scale commercial, institutional, and residential projects throughout Asia. STX is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in design and client service. Their designs are informed and influenced by extensive research into the environmental, social, economic, and programmatic opportunities and constraints unique to each project and site. STX believes in collaborating closely with other design specialists to create innovative, holistic spaces and landscapes that are memorable and draw from the natural attributes of the site to create a sense of place.

Keynote address
STX Landscape Architects believes that the agencies we need to cultivate are perhaps not of the new but of the old: those which are timeless – a notion of beauty learnt from the “truth of nature,” and the idea that nature’s designs are based on universal laws of proportion and symmetry. If a human-made space is to create a sense of well-being, it is essential that the natural laws of beauty and harmony be respected and mirrored. STX Landscape Architects executes good design – and the incorporation of art, culture, history and tradition specific to different countries, together with the careful curation of site, influence us in our creation of spaces and places that people can fall in love with. It’s about fundamentals, it’s about the common good of users, and it’s about how our landscapes nurture life and elevate the human spirit.

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