2019 National Landscape Architecture Awards: Award of Excellence for Parks and Open Space

Southern Parklands Framework by Tyrrell Studio in collaboration with Western Sydney Parklands Trust

Jury citation:

The Southern Parklands Framework provides a strategic, physical, integrated and aspirational design vision for the future role of a green space in a growing and changing Western Sydney. By mapping and revealing layers in extensive detail, the design team has drawn new meaning from the unique characteristics of the Western Sydney terrain and used it to create new infrastructures and interventions that heighten the site’s unique qualities and celebrate its distinct sense of place. Places are located both meaningfully and boldly within the existing landform, respecting and sensitively interpreting ecologies through texture, colour and planting.

The framework integrates a huge diversity of uses and interests, recognizing sites of Aboriginal significance and balancing the potential for significant park visitation with provision for conservation and habitat preservation. Southern Parklands Framework successfully repositions the parklands from a greenbelt barrier to a key structuring device and inclusive open space for the Western Sydney Parklands community.

Location: Leppington (NSW)

Aboriginal Nations: Dharug, Gandangara

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