2018 Landscape Architecture Australia Student Prize: RMIT University

Tasting Territory by Xingyuan Chen Landscape Architecture Australia Student Prize Master of Landscape Architecture, RMIT University

Project statement

Tasting Territory is a flexible food system. It reimagines food production, distribution and consumption to address issues affecting society, the environment and human health caused by the phenomena of food homogenization, mass industrial food production and unhealthy urban food patterns. Rather than viewing food purely as sustenance, Tasting Territory proposes a collection of core drivers for the city that facilitate the local economy, promote cultural identity, protect the environment and secure the population’s long-term health.

Tasting Territory progresses through three stages – farm palace, food incubators and food stations – each designed to alter consumers’ perception of food. Promotion is an overarching strategy that runs through the entire system. Tasting Territory combines concepts of food and leisure, and space and activities to shape food culture. The project aims to gradually improve food security and accessibility, boost the local economy, regenerate farmland, provide a diverse native food supply, encourage healthy eating, reintroduce local food culture, spread knowledge, and shape behavior and lifestyle in a way that brings food and leisure together as a pleasurable experience.



Published online: 30 Jan 2019
Words: LandscapeAustralia Editorial Desk
Images: Xingyuan Chen


Landscape Architecture Australia, February 2019

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