2018 National Landscape Architecture Awards: Award of Excellence for Research, Policy and Communications

Green Infrastructure: Planning a National Green Network for Australia by Simon Kilbane

Jury citation:

The panel was struck by this novel exploration of environmental policy and ecological theory objectives intended to safeguard Australia’s biodiversity. The project pushes the established boundaries of the profession, applying a flexible research methodology from the continental to the local scale.

The research considers that the creation of protected bioregional areas connected by conservation corridors will not succeed without robust designs to facilitate implementation. It demonstrates that broader regional objectives can be met while considering site-specific constraints and opportunities, an approach that holds widespread national and international appeal and resonates with policymakers.

Location: Australia



Published online: 2 Nov 2018
Words: LandscapeAustralia Editorial Desk
Images: courtesy AILA


Landscape Architecture Australia, November 2018

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