Alexis Sanal (TUR)

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Alexis Sanal (TUR)


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Sishane Park, Turkey, by SANALarc.

Sishane Park, Turkey, by SANALarc. Image: Olivve Wimmer

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Bomontiada by SANALarc.

Bomontiada by SANALarc. Image: SANALarc

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Bomontiada, Istanbul, by SANALarc.

Bomontiada, Istanbul, by SANALarc. Image: Ali Taptik

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Madac 2018 by SANALarc.

Madac 2018 by SANALarc. Image: SANALarc

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Augmented Spatiality installation for a Sydney laneway by SANALarc, 2013.

Augmented Spatiality installation for a Sydney laneway by SANALarc, 2013. Image: Jamie Williams

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Keynote speaker – Landscape Australia Conference 2017

Alexis Sanal founded Istanbul-based SANALarc in 2002 with her partner Murat Sanal. Their passion for design of the built environment revolves around the simple pleasures people take in places, light and geometry. The studio’s work evolves from curiosity about new technologies, new building methods and narrative as creative expression. Recent design projects include Sishane Park, Bomontiada public realm, the Hey! Imaginable Guidelines Istanbul publication and Wedgetopia, a city design program aimed at transforming leftover public and private land into vibrant public spaces that can be enjoyed by local communities.

Alexis has received awards for her architectural/urban design work. She is passionate about cultural and civic environments that blend digital technologies intelligently with the physical and natural environments. She is currently leading research in Istanbul street market structures and is a member of Bomontiada’s creative board for a district-wide public realm project.

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